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(Age 5-6):

  • Basic alphabet recognition and letter sounds.

  • Numbers and counting (1-100).

  • Simple reading and writing (sight words, basic sentences).

  • Basic shapes and colors.

  • Social skills and basic problem-solving.


(Age 8-9):

  • Proficient reading with comprehension.

  • Multiplication and division mastery.

  • Introduction to cursive writing.

  • More advanced science and social studies topics.

  • Developing critical thinking skills.


(Age 6-7):

  • Improved reading and writing skills (phonics, simple stories).

  • Basic addition and subtraction.

  • Introduction to place value.

  • Basic science and social studies concepts.

  • Enhanced fine motor skills.


(Age 9-10):

  • Advanced reading and writing skills.

  • Fractions and decimals.

  • Basic geometry and measurement.

  • More in-depth science and social studies.

  • Introduction to state history and geography.


(Age 7-8):

  • Further reading and comprehension skills.

  • Basic multiplication and division.

  • Introduction to fractions.

  • Expanded knowledge of science and social studies.

  • Improved problem-solving abilities.


(Age 10-11):

  • Advanced reading comprehension and essay writing.

  • Multiplication and division of larger numbers.

  • More complex math concepts (fractions, decimals, percentages).

  • In-depth science and social studies exploration.

  • Enhanced critical thinking, research, and study skills.

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